eXistdb Meetup in Vienna

During this year's TEI conference in Vienna we're organising an informal meetup. Take the opportunity to meet a few of the eXistdb developers on Tuesday, Sep 27th, 7pm at WerkzeugH, Schönbrunnerstr. 61, Wien 5.

As, since its inception in 2001, eXistdb development has always been driven by the needs of a large user community, we believe that the TEI conference is a great occasion for scholars to meet eXistdb contributors and practitioners, and to exchange ideas how the DH community could both engage and benefit further from eXistdb development.

We would be grateful if anyone planning to come could fill a very short form, nevertheless don't let it stop you from coming anyway! As for the agenda this is going to be a completely informal do, with main goal to provide a space for all of us interested in eXistdb in one way or another to actually meet and have a chat over a drink in a relaxed atmosphere of an alternative bar in Vienna.

The agenda so far:

  1. beers!
  2. hear about any new features being developed and opportunity to request new features
  3. food and drinks